Dinami - Δύναμη

Empowering Young People

Dinami Project-Based Learning

 RTI provides free training and support to young people aged 18-25 in Thessaloniki, both refugees and host community members. Starting in October 2018, we are running a series of socially inclusive training programmes in various areas to support social integration and enable young people to pursue their aspirations, find employment or return to their studies.

 The Programme is centred around project-based learning-  young people work in teams to develop their own creative and entrepreneurial projects. The programme is underpinned by professional coaching, skills building and psychosocial support provided by RTI’s expert team.

RTI believes that, with the right kind of training and support, anyone can achieve their aspirations. Through Dinami (meaning ‘strength’ in Greek), we hope to create a group of young, enthusiastic people who will be able to inspire a wave of community-mindedness, creative thinking and entrepreneurship in Thessaloniki and beyond.

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Youth Trainee Scheme

In Autumn 2018, RTI welcomed its first full-time trainee. Our trainee will work closely with the Youth Project Lead to co-ordinate activities for our youth programme participants. Over 6 months, he will learn about all aspects of work at RTI, and will receive support and training from staff members to help him realise his own ambitions.

Participatory Theatre Jan-Apr 2019

In collaboration with Anamuh Arts for Dialogue, RTI will run a series of participatory theatre workshops for youth. Our goal is to help people understand collectively how theatre tools can can create space for self-awareness, empowerment and dialogue. The participatory workshops will create opportunities to explore, create and connect in a creative, constructive and proactive group process. 

The group will collaborate and decide whether to explore a particular story and design and rehearse a play. If so, we will stage a public performance in April. The integrated group will include locals and refugees, plus anyone who would like to make a collective exploration through theatre: no previous theatre experience is required. People who would like to support the project through volunteering are welcomed as well. 

The programme will introduce Forum Theatre, rooted in the research method by Brazilian pedagogue Paulo  Freire and Playback Theatre, a community-honouring improvisational theatre.  The working language will be a simple English & Greek, and the workshop is offered free of charge. Duration 3 months (3 sessions per week, 3h). 

Making and Selling Crafts Nov-Dec 2018

Participants learn and teach each other how to make ornaments and various crafts. The crafts that the participants make will be sold at a Christmas bazaar in Thessaloniki. As with all Dinami projects, the practical element of the workshop serves as a framework for community-building and learning about teamwork and project management.

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Film-making Course October 2018

We worked with a group of 12 young people over four weeks to learn about film-making. The participants, some of whom had no prior experience with cameras, made two films and organised a public screenings with a total audience of over 100 people. We also ran sessions on communication, teamwork, trust and community values.