Identity-informed, trauma-sensitive educational and community support.

At RTI, we provide vital psycho-social support to asylum seekers refugees coping with the trauma of conflict and displacement. We believe that, by connecting with refugees in their own language, and by providing them with continuing care, support, and guidance, we can help them to overcome adversity and facilitate their integration into their host communities.

We also train and support fellow humanitarians, equipping them with skills and tools to build a Culture of Care within their ongoing programming. We believe that teams who care for one another are in turn better able to quality care for those in need.

Our approach to programming is simple and scalable. By creating programmes that support well-being and belonging, we help refugees rebuild their lives, and help the humanitarian organizations supporting other vital interventions. RTI’s current programmes are outlined below. 

Baytna - بيتنا

Dinami - Δύναμη