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How To Build A Business That’s Truly Life Changing

She Owns Success, September 24, 2018

“For most people the challenges associated with starting a business can overwhelm our desire to take action and we can hold back, never making the leap for fear of what might happen.

But Zarlasht Halaimzai is not like most people…”

Obama Foundation Announces Initial Cohort of Obama Fellows

Philanthropy News Digest, April 18, 2018

“The Obama Foundation has announced the inaugural cohort of its Obama Fellows Program, a two-year, non-residential program that brings together civic leaders from around the around who are ‘creating transformational change.’

Selected from a pool of over twenty thousand applicants from more than a hundred and ninety countries…”

Refugee turned volunteer among first Obama fellows

The Guardian, 17th April 2018. (PDF)

Obama writes in an accompanying email: “These 20 leaders, representing 11 countries, are tackling some of the toughest challenges in their communities. They are doing the hard work – not for recognition, often without enough resources – because they have a vision of the world as it should be: a little more just, less isolated, more connected...”

Obama Foundation's fellows include South African activist and Afghan refugee

The Guardian, 16th April 2018. (PDF)

“He adds: ‘I couldn’t be prouder of this group, and I can’t wait to learn from them and watch them grow over the next two years. The Foundation will facilitate hands-on trainings, leadership development, coaching and personalized plans and strategies to help these leaders scale the work they’ve already started’…”

The Obama Foundation Has Announced Its 2018 Fellows

Paper Magazine, April 16 2018

“Halaimzai, who came to England from Afghanistan as a refugee, started the Refugee Trauma Initiative to help provide refugees with counseling…”

Obama Foundation Selects Fellowship Winners From Shortlist.

The Fashion Plate Magazine, April 16, 2018

“Each member of the elite team is a civic leader who brings a variety of disciplines and skill sets to their work – including community organizing, healthcare, technology, and the arts – and they apply their talents to a range of missions, from empowering parents and teachers to improve our schools, to ensuring deaf children have equal access to literacy tools, to bringing trauma-informed care to the criminal justice system and refugee camps…”

Giving trauma therapy to the families of refugees in northern Greece.

BBC World Service Weekend, April 8, 2018 (Interview no longer available)

New Activists: Camilla Meets With Zarlasht Of The 'Refugee Trauma Initiative'

HuffPost UK, November 23, 2017

“On today's episode of New Activists, Camilla meets with Zarhlast, of the Refugee Trauma Initiative, and her sister. They talk about their journeys in getting to the UK and the misconceptions people have of refugees…”

From a fashion leader to a humanitarian hero, meet our 2017 future shapers

Marie Claire, October 6, 2017

“If you can square it with your conscience, try anything and make it work.” That’s what my grandmother said to me when I was young. A lot of the families I work with had totally normal lives, working in schools or shops, or studying to be engineers. Then one day their lives just got taken away…”

'It's not a crisis or a problem that we can sweep under the rug'

The Psychologist, October 2017

“While around 1 per cent of the world’s entire population is currently displaced, including 22.5 million refugees, our awareness, and care for, their plight seems to fluctuate with the news agenda. History may look back on this period and wonder how it could have been ignored. Our journalist Ella Rhodes spoke to a psychosocial worker working at the heart of the crisis in Greece…”

How You Can Help Deliver Psychological First Aid to Refugees

Grazia, September 14 2017

“I recognised that look of panic in their eyes because I was a child refugee. Like them, my family and I were forced to leave behind everything we knew and loved to save our lives…”

Why I'm Using GoFundMe To Tackle The Psychological Crisis Of Refugee Children And How You Can Help Me

HuffPost, September 10, 2017

“That is why I co-founded Refugee Trauma Initiative - an organisation dedicated to meeting the emotional and psychological needs of refugees and supporting volunteers and aid workers to better help these communities…”

Meet the Afghan refugee raising money for Syria's war victims to get psychological support

International Business Times, July 19 2017

“Twenty years later, her story resonates with hundreds of thousands of refugees who are fleeing modern-day wars in what has been deemed the worst refugee crisis since World War II…”

Exploring the unique needs of asylum-seekers and refugees

The Psychologist, November 2016

“The health of refugees in camps is in jeopardy, she added: many are stuck in cramped warehouses, relying on aid, and are much more prone to communicable conditions such as flu or bronchitis…”