Our Values

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We share this earth with 70 million displaced people, struggling to live dignified lives amid ever more complex crises. In order to respond effectively, we must be just as sustainable as the crises we face are sustained.

This why we employ locally, offering traineeships to members of local and refugee communities, where they can earn a livelihood all while learning the mechanics of humanitarian relief and the dynamics of trauma-informed education and care. This is why we invest in local partnerships and provide capacity-building support to local actors.

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Our dream is to see refugee families happily integrate into their host communities. Integration, however, is a two-way process: it takes positive steps from both newcomers and hosts. By building bridges and facilitating connections between children from both communities, we help foster acceptance, assimilation, and kinship.

This is why we help refugee children build the resilience and the skills they need to build bridges toward the educational and livelihood pursuits that will bring them face to face with peers, partners, and colleagues among their host communities.



We founded RTI as a volunteer collective, responding to an overwhelming need for culturally sensitive psychological care to refugees in dire conditions in Calais and Idomeni. Today, we are registered in the UK and in Greece, employ a dozen full time staff, and run three programs in multiple locations in northern Greece.

Through all our adaptations and transformations of the last three years, our North Star has always been the dignity and well-being of the communities we work with. Our resourcefulness, creativity, and versatility would be nothing without the foundation of humanity they rest on.