Our Values

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There are tens of thousands of refugees and migrants in Greece that will continue to need the support of humanitarian organisations for years to come. But, as refugee crises have emerged in other parts of the world, many organisations have moved on. RTI is building an independent branch in Greece, creating local jobs and offering traineeships to members of both Greek and migrant communities. We also strive to nurture and develop the skills of our team members through finding them opportunities to learn and collaborate with others.

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RTI’s goal is to see refugee families happily integrated into the community. Integration is a two-way process: it takes positive steps from both migrant and host communities. RTI strives to facilitate this process by running inclusive youth programmes that will help young migrants and young Greeks to find opportunities to collaborate and make friends. We hope that, by enabling young people from both communities to connect, we can foster tolerance, open-mindedness and positive attitudes towards integration.



 RTI began as a collective of volunteers responding to an overwhelming need to provide culturally sensitive psychological care to refugees in dire conditions. In our first few months, we learned to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, expanding the scope of our programmes and extending our services to  different age groups and the humanitarian community. This flexibility has enabled us to continue providing relevant care to people who really need it. RTI is proud to be resourceful, creative and versatile.