Dinami [Δύναμη]: Youth Empowerment

Bringing young people together to learn, create and connect.

Young people living in areas of humanitarian crisis - or where access to education, employment and community activities is low - are particularly vulnerable to isolation and mental distress. If not addressed, conditions such as these can cause extreme social deprivation and lead to drug and alcohol problems and mental illness, including suicide- now the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds.

Dinami addresses mental distress and social exclusion by bringing young people together to learn, create and connect. Meaning ‘power’ in  Greek, it offers refugees a vital link to the community, plus a chance to develop skills, make friends, and get respite from the challenges of life in displacement. Connecting host community youth to like-minded refugees helps to counter negative narratives around refugees and promote diversity and inclusion within wider society.

Our intervention is participatory, experiential, and youth-led: through sports, the arts, social events and project-based learning, we aim to empower vulnerable young people to solve their own problems, create positive change and build community cohesion.

The programme also includes two part-time, paid Youth Leader Traineeships that provide authentic work experience and opportunities to learn about community engagement and organisational management.


Project-Based Learning

Sports Programming