Community of Care at Omnes

The Project

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Omnes is a Greek volunteer organisation that prioritises psychosocial wellbeing and long-term inclusion for vulnerable populations. The organisation provides housing for 571 people pending their request for international protection. It also provides education and activities for project residents and the local host community.

Starting in Summer 2018, we worked closely with Omnes to assess what trainings would be complementary to their existing services and designed a three-month programme of collaboration, through in-depth consultations with staff members and a series of focus groups with programme residents.

Based on our diagnostic exercise, we determined that Omnes would benefit from:

  • A collaborative and internally-led review of staff care and self-care policies.

  • Training in identity-informed practice addressing unconscious bias and the impact of the power dynamic when inherent in working with vulnerable populations.

  • Assistance in conducting specific focus group discussions with programme service users.

  • Guidance on addressing specific psychosocial support concerns and general enhancement of psychosocial support strategy.


  • I really liked talking about identity. I learned that you need to take a second look when you are working with people from different cultures.’

  • ‘Before RTI came we had not run focus groups for men and fathers, as most of refugee services centre on provision for women and children. One of the fathers from the group approached me after one of the groups and said, ‘this is the first time that anyone has asked us men about how we feel. [We also have a lot of concerns for our children and we appreciate feeling that we are being listened to.’