RTI Staff Diary: Youth Leadership Trainee

Bagher, 19,  joined RTI as our Youth Leadership trainee in October 2018, after a month of working as a volunteer


When my brother and I arrived in Greece three and a half years ago we did not have any accommodation at first, and for our first 5 months in Thessaloniki we lived in a squat that was an abandoned orphanage. Things got a lot better when a Greek NGO found space for us in a shelter for unaccompanied minors and we started to make new friends.

I first heard about RTI in 2017 when I turned 18 and I had to leave the shelter. I moved into the RTI/Ethos young adults integration programme, where I was provided with safe accommodation and the opportunity to continue my education and develop social skills. When the opportunity to apply as a volunteer came up, with the chance of becoming a part-time trainee, I was very excited to apply. It is my first job in Greece.

Working as a trainee at RTI I have the opportunity to improve my Greek and my English, and I am learning to communicate professionally with different actors and organisations. I have also learnt that I am good at talking and sharing my ideas in a group.

We recently ran a film-making course for Greek and migrant youth. My role was to document the project and film some of the presentations. I learnt a lot more about using the camera, and we had a professional film-maker in the office, which was really good, since  my dream is to be a photographer and make documentaries.

I hope that the experience I gain at RTI will enable me to run my own project here in Thessaloniki.

Refugee Trauma Initiative