Refugee Trauma Initiative and  Help Refugees are launching a fund to support organisations to deliver early learning and psychosocial support to refugee children.

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Since 2016, Refugee Trauma Initiative has provided vital psychosocial support to thousands of refugees in Greece. In December 2016, we partnered with Help Refugees to create Baytna, a programme of early learning and psychosocial support for young refugee children and their parents. Over the past two years we have developed Baytna into a model that can be replicated and adapted to suit a wide variety of contexts. We are now looking for other NGOs to collaborate with us in taking the Baytna model to centres across Greece.

What we are offering:

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  • Technical support to develop a bespoke programme of early learning and psychosocial support for refugee children.

  • A comprehensive package of capacity building, including regular online meetings with early childhood experts.

  • Operational support including advice on HR management, budgeting etc., if required.  

  • A grant of up to €25,000 over a period of 12 months.

What we are looking for:

  • Local, grassroots and national organisations that already work with children.

  • Commitment to early childhood learning and our principles.

  • Collaborative partnerships that advocate for high quality support for all children.


Early childhood is a critical period in child development: a safe environment, secure relationships and access to learning and play are essential for children to develop skills, confidence and empathy. Most children on the move experience violence and prolonged periods of insecurity that can lead to chronic anxiety and toxic stress. There is a huge body of evidence which demonstrates that these experiences can have severe, life-long impacts on relationships, livelihoods, physical and mental health.

Baytna (which means ‘our home’ in Arabic) provides key emotional support and nurtures the development of healthy, secure relationships by creating safe, boundaried spaces and using activities that aid cognitive, social and emotional development. The programme has been recognised as an example of best practice by various early childhood thought leaders including the Moving Minds Alliance, the Nurturing Care Framework and UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report 2019.

This 12-month programme of support will assist organisations around Greece in adapting our model and delivering quality early childhood care for young children and their families.