In just over a year RTI has supported hundreds of refugee families and aid workers: 

Over 2240 refugee women, men and children supported in 5 camps in Greece.

119 refugees received psycho-social support and 112 children joined our early childhood care & development programme.

Over 350 volunteers and aid workers supported and trained in personal safety, trauma and psychosocial support since March 2016.


In RTI’s knitting group, 30-year-old mother Sirin has made friends and knitted items to keep her children warm.

Our team used to see her every Wednesday and would invite her to join the knitting group but she would often decline. In time though, she left her tent and joined in.

Sirin has now moved away from her isolation, built her confidence and connected with other women with the help of our therapists. She recently told us: ‘I know what I want to be. I want to be like you and do what you do.'


RTI’s team uses a holistic approach with its childhood development and psychosocial programmes.

We offer families a place where children can grow and develop in a nurturing environment and where parents can share their thoughts, experiences and feelings with trained therapists.

In one of our sessions, Rawan shared the difference our ‘Baytna’ (‘our home’ in Arabic) programme made to her family, saying, “I feel like my children have come back to me.”


Dina is a 30-year-old Syrian mother. Before the war in Syria, she was a law student with a clear future but now she lives in a tent in Greece indefinitely.

Our women's group helped her to build a sense of purpose for herself and offered a safe space where women could talk.

These days, Dina devotes much of her time to art. Around her tent are images of cartoons she drew to comfort her children. “I wanted to draw life in a place that has no life” she said. Our women’s group, Dina told us, brought her that same comfort.