Jeff Faris



Jeff is a Senior Lecturer in Psychotherapy at The Family Institute in the University of South Wales. His duties include specialist teaching in human systems and communication theory and in systemic psychotherapy. 

Jeff is a Consultant Psychotherapist and has been in practice for over 30 years. He qualified in Clinical Psychology in 1983 and has been a UK Registered Psychotherapist since the inauguration of the UK Council for Psychotherapy register in 1993.  

He has clinical experience in consultation to cases where there is multi- professional and multi-agency involvement. This includes an interest in communication within and between individuals, teams, organisations and multi-disciplinary professional networks.

 Jeff is a member of the USW MSc in Disaster Healthcare teaching team on Simulation Exercises involving Personal Protection including basic survival skills, travel security, negotiating with armed groups, managing roadblocks and checkpoints, kidnap and ransom contingencies and critical extreme threat to life.  

He has many years of academic interest in and clinical experience of patterns of violence in intimate and public contexts. He has a particular interest in researching educational methodologies in survival psychology in the context of hostile environments and humanitarian worker negotiation with armed groups.