Ariana Faris



Ariana is a systemic and family psychotherapist , trainer and mindfulness teacher practicing in Cardiff, Wales who has been training professionals from the fields of Health care, mental health, education and employment/career guidance and addictions since 1998. For almost twenty years she has  been training professionals in Motivational Interviewing which offers a non confrontational communication skill set and approach for engaging people in behaviour change. She has been at the forefront of initiatives to promote access to mindfulness based interventions  in Higher Education and in the promotion of mindfulness based approaches for mental health  in Wales .

She has worked with refugee women groups in Cardiff where she lives and in Greece and she believes mindfulness offers huge potential as a creative and powerful tool for the healing of trauma. Ariana first went to Lesvos Greece in September 2015 to help refugees with her sister who is a midwife. She returned  more recently to work in Pireaus and Idomen and Northern Greec