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RTI works to reduce the trauma and enhance the wellbeing of refugees by offering psychosocial support to individuals and families living in refugee camps, and training and supporting volunteers working there. A core value of our work includes respecting the humanity and dignity of all people.  

RTI draws on the founding team’s extensive personal and professional experience of both living as refugees and of working cross-culturally with people who have been traumatised by migration, political conflict and torture. We also draw on our vast experience of providing training and support for health care professionals. Find out more






A high percentage of refugees will have faced traumatic experiences in their home country, including torture, rape and witnessing loved ones being killed or abused. Similarly, many will have faced traumatic experiences along the way, including seeing people close to them drown, and are at mercy of smugglers who demand a high fee and sexual ‘favours’. Read more.

Children as young as 2 and 3 are running around the camps seeking the hugs and affection that their traumatised parents cannot provide, from strangers.